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Who We Are

Founded in July 2004, we play a significant role in the energy solution provider field. That is why we’re Mauritius’ energy solutions provider. With a vast client base ranging from Banking, Hospitality, Telecommunication Services, Industries to Office, and Residential, Powersure delivers through its wide range of products and complete satisfaction to customers.

In addition to our core business, which is UPSs (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) and Power Generator, we provide a wide range of well-known products and accessories for hotels, public areas, medical centers, and everyday residential demands.

We are a close-knit, well-structured company that consists of fifty motivated, dynamic, and talented achievers. Among us are professionals and engineers to implement and deliver the best solutions for you and your business.

Trusted by the most prestigious companies in Mauritius for its products and after-sale service, Powersure will ensure that full monitoring and maintenance of your product are performed to guarantee entirely uninterrupted operation year after year.

Apr 29, 2020
Very Good

Mostly For Businesses

My brother is an electrician and contracted them out. Asked him and he said they were professional.

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